About us

We are 360 Design

Our clients and customers depend on us to continuously adapt and change what we do in order to deliver current and forward-thinking solutions. As a result, we continuously modify the way we work and the services we offer to improve our clients’ business.

We see massive shift in user behavior towards multiple screens and devices with a particular focus on mobile. As the digital world continues to evolve and change, we change with it, we take a 360 degree approach to problem solving – to reflect that, we are 360 Design.

We are a digital design firm focused on user experience and problem solving, innovation, and designing solutions that clarify, surprise and delight, resulting in heightened user experience and love for brands.

Solutions for our clients result in strategy, concepts, websites, mobile, games, social, brands, consulting, measuring & analytics.

We design and execute creative client solutions out of our new and unique SOHO, New York office. We also use the space to engage with the design, art and entrepreneur community, through dialogue, meetups, exhibitions, pop-ups and displays. We firmly believe that design plays an integral role in making the world a better place and we use to promote good design, dialogue and sharing.


360 Design has helped brands improve user experience, increase sales, traffic and user engagement and clarify their message. We are known for our ability to problem solve, design and develop unique and valuable solutions, from concepts and prototypes, to launched solutions for brands that are starting out, evolving, or revolutionizing their business, from start-ups, to Fortune 50 companies. Our capabilities include: 

Strategy User experience (UX) design
Website design

Mobile app design
Social media
Coding & development
Branding & identity
Measuring & analytics
Data visualization
Content strategy & copy writing


Our clients

Our strategic partners

We are happy to partner with a number of other creative and strategy companies, who use our talents and services to assist with designing and developing solutions.