The Space


At the end of 2014 we finished renovations of our new office space at 104 Charlton St. The space had been a catering kitchen and after an extensive gut re-modeling, we are happy to call it the new 360 Design home – The360Space. We have made it a high-tech design environment with help from our friends at CBBLD for lighting, Richard Perry Architects and master contractor Adam Ruiz. 

The360Space is unique in that it ties in with our collaborative and curious nature as a firm. We use the 360 Design space to promote design, launch brands, have exhibitions with designers and artists, hold meetups and dinner parties. It is a place to see and inspire, a place for sharing, thought leadership and collaboration. 

The360.Space is a destination for design, design dialogue, artists, makers, inventors, philanthropists, and community leaders. We believe in bringing design into the community, which we do quite literally with night time art and design rear-projections onto the front of the office space windows.

If you are a brand, a designer, artist, entrepreneur, photographer or intellectual and would like to use the space for a photoshoot, pop-up or event, please contact us.

Forbes named the New Zealand based incubator organization, The Icehouse as one of the top ten technology incubators changing the world. We were thrilled to host The Icehouse CEO, Andy Hamilton for a fascinating presentation and meet and greet with New York industry leaders and entrepreneurs.
The Icehouse is a business growth centre that creates learning environments for entrepreneurial firms to enable them to significantly grow their companies.

A recent brand launch for a new product at the 360 Design space. The space became a living showroom to display products and for the brand to meet with prospective buyers and the press.

We are proud to collaborate with The Children’s Museum of The Arts which is located across the street from The360.Space. During a recent evening art opening at the museum, we projected stop motion animations made by their students into our windows. We are actively involved with bringing design into public spaces and engaging with people in the local community and the world.