American Express Open

American Express Open

Strategy, UX & UI design, Coding

American Express OPEN partnered with 360 Design to design and develop an innovative way to allow users to quickly access their business and employees accounts and spend throughout the day. 360 Design developed the strategy and designed a unique desktop dashboard solution that gives customers easy, instant, and continuous access to their most important account information and functions. Launching from an icon on the desktop, the dashboard directly connects with the web Summary of Accounts interface and is fully customizable by the user.

American Express OPEN partnered with 360 Design to help increase online registration of small businesses for its Summary of Accounts web feature. We developed the concept and strategy, then designed and produced an interactive online presentation and accompanying interactive CD–delivered in a direct marking piece–that used American Express customer service representatives as experts in providing information about the Summary of Accounts. Thanks to the initiative, record numbers of card members registered and learned about the benefits of online member services.

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