First Eagle Investment Management

First Eagle Investment Management

Strategy, UX & UI design, Website design, Client website, Charting, Analytics, Intranet, Coding

About First Eagle

Privately held First Eagle, manages $100BN in assets. A company with a deep and long history, First Eagle partnered with 360 Design to merge 2 websites into one new, on-brand Retail and Institutional experience. The re-imagined site is built on a new CMS back-end and has a public facing component, a private area and redesigned intranet.



We were tasked with building a new website out of two pre-existing and unrelated sites that were on a different technology back-end platform. The company intranet was also on a separate platform and not tied to the password protected Institutional and Retail sites. They were both off-brand, relative to the companies new brand positioning.



360 Design tied the environments together using a new technology backend. We re-designed and configured the site navigation, simplified the user experience and all site templates. We brought the new brand positioning and design to the new website, intranet and designed email newsletter templates. We added new technologies, such as charting applications that visualize data in real-time. The entire suite of designed and coded implemented solutions accurately reflect the positioning and image of the brand.

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