McGraw-Hill Construction

McGraw-Hill Construction

Strategy, Brand design, Website design, Brochure design, Advertising design, Trade show booth design

McGraw-Hill partnered with 360 Design to redesign and develop and marketing materials for the digital version of the Sweets Catalog. McGraw-Hill Construction has published the Sweets Catalog for over 100 years. It is the largest collection of products for architects and engineers in the world. MHC needed an online platform to host over 80,000 building products, linking users to Sweets’ vast database of resources and materials. To do this, 360 Design, designed the online Sweets Network for Products, aimed at connecting people, projects, and products. The network catalogs, describes, facilitates, and helps the construction industry (including ten thousand manufacturers, engineers, and architects) interact and discover a myriad of online construction products. In addition, 360 Design created the branding and advertising collateral including, brochures, rich media banners, multi-tier direct mailers, and print advertisements.

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