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About Metrie

Established in 1926, Metrie are the largest moulding and millwork manufacturer in the United States and Canada – selling $2BN of crown mouldings, baseboards, trim and doors. Operating seven solid wood and MDF manufacturing facilities, as well as 26 distribution centers in the U.S. and Canada, Metrie are able to focus on regional needs as well as creating custom profiles for customers. Metrie helps transform spaces with elegant and carefully crafted architectural trim.

Our Challenge

Our goal was to transform the brand and to create an industry-unique digital strategy and a highly-interactive website.  We developed a digital strategy that includes the company website, blog, newsletter and social media. Prominent on the website are an interactive Room Styler tool allowing people to customize 3 separate rooms in 5 distinct collections, a style quiz as well as extensive product listings and consumer information.



Room Styler

Metrie’s interactive room styler tool allows users to design 3 different living spaces with products from Metrie’s 5 distinctive collections, in 5 unique colors and styles.  

Users can save a created room, print a shopping list of product used and share their created space through social media and email.


Metrie’s website design is fully responsive.

With 80% of consumers using their smartphones to shop, and more people owning smartphones that toothbrushes, responsive design is now an essential. Metrie’s responsive design provides user’s a great user experience across multiple devices and screen sizes.

My Metrie

To assist designers, architects, builders and renovators, we built a digital light box that allows people to save and organize products that they like. They can assign the products to projects and then share them with other people. These are particularly useful and “sticky” tools for the website and digital experience.


We designed and developed an interactive history story experience that tells the story of a company that has evolved over 100 years in a light-hearted and whimsical manner.

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