Great Homes & Destinations

Great Homes & Destinations

Strategy, UX & UI design, Website design

McKinsey & Company conducted a research study for the New York Times and concluded that the Times has evergreen content that could be re-purposed into comprehensive destination experiences within the website.

In parallel with the redesign of their entire website, the New York Times wanted to expand its online offerings in the luxury real estate market. Developing new tools to simplify and personalize the user experience, 360 Design developed the strategy and designed and developed a new website section called “Great Homes”, where people can access expert advice and other help centers, expert blogs, podcasts, and personal chat sessions.

In conjunction with the real estate listing and information portal, 360 Design developed the strategy and designed the “Home Finance Center” – a resource for users on the topic of financing and home purchase. Designed for customization to regional newspaper websites, the site section gives users a valuable resource for not only searching and finding new real estate, but for researching and accessing expert information for a complete process all in one location.

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