Television Everywhere

Television Everywhere

Strategy, Design, Prototype design

“We are all screenagers”

What is the future of television? This was the question that the 360 strategy and design team were faced with on this project. As Kevin Roberts says, “we are all screenagers”, screens are everywhere, and they are increasingly all connected. So this begs the question of giving people the content they want on any device at any time. 

Lean in and engage

As well as being able to get any content in any place, we are now more socially connected to other people than ever before. So how can we connect these multiple things together? Connecting a shared experience, on any device, at any time – lean in and engage with a full content experience. How can we also extend this beyond content and bring connectedness into advertising?

The result

The resulting outcome is an in-depth dynamic visual look into the future of television. A narrative flows through the prototype, depicting various scenarios, where people engage content and advertising and with one another, across devices. It merges web content, broadcast content, social media and real-time user engagement layered over the top of the program being watched. Advertising is equally engaging, where people game against each other on mobile devices, while the same advertiser is broadcasting a commercial during programming.  

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