Create immersive experiences with one built-in solution

Take your product, space, event, gallery, movie, campaign, e-commerce, engineering, or architectural concept into the Spatial Web.

Open up a world of new opportunities for people to experience your brand in virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality, through any device.

  • Conferences & Virtual Events: Invite global audiences to a virtual location for keynote presentations, film screenings & breakout sessions, business card exchange. Gain valuable data about the user experience and save time and money on travel

  • Museums, Galleries, Theaters: Take an audience on a virtual museum tour, throw a movie premiere with QA, outtakes, poster gallery, 3D map, links, rating, live chat

  • Engineering & Product Design: View products in 360. Change surfaces, embed metadata, gain interest, pre-manufacturing

  • Architecture & Real state: Tour virtual spaces in their built state, manipulate fixtures, highlight areas of interest and show to multiple audiences at once

  • Marketing & E-commerce: View products in 360, mix & match items, embed metadata, display products in real or surreal environments

  • Cost Savings Transportation costs, event space fees, hotels, catering, work & leisure time

  • Device Agnostic Works on PC, MAC, iOS, Android, AR & VR Glasses, Phones, tablets and desktops

  • Webinar Sharing Share into existing tools like Zoom, Webex, Slack, GoToMeeting & Lifesize

  • Time & Space Events are no longer limited to time restrictions, audiences can attend at will and see more

  • Interactions Participants who could normally not attend events can now be included virtually increasing reach

  • Sustainability Online events can limit the size of your company & events carbon footprint

National Geographic – Barkskins Premiere Movie Theater

Along with Beck Media & Marketing, we built a virtual movie theater theatre that evokes the series’ visuals—complete with period-appropriate benches, log cabin-inspired beams and flooring, and flickering lanterns on the walls. To give a fully immersive experience, we also want to provide an experience to our guests who logged in early, so we had activities for viewers—whether looking through behind-the-scenes photos, getting introduced to the characters, a map of the town, or looking at a behind-the-scenes piece on the show. The premiere was followed my a live virtual chat.

ZDF Museum

With access to galleries and museums proving to be challenging we are creating virtual educational and viewing spaces. In a virtual museum we can hang multiple shows in duplicate galleries and never close the space. This virtual museum is getting 20,000+ guests per day.

Pepsi + BET Awards

Product launch for Pepsi in coordination with the BET Awards show.

Hyperloop TT

Hyperloop is a name that is widely known around the globe, but carries a great amount of mystery with it. Using augmented reality we are able to bring this amazing technology into the hands of curious minds and generate excitement around a project that is still in its build phase. Users can download the app and see what the Hyperloop capsules and tube structures will look like.

Virtual Real Estate Spaces

With just blueprints and some simple photographs, we are able to replicate any interior or exterior space, allowing the spaces to be entered and toured through virtual or augmented reality. Surfaces, fixtures, furniture and artwork can be made interactive so that users can shape and change the space in real time.

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