Darwin’s Ark

The largest citizen science project

Together, we can discover new ways to help pets and their people live happier, healther lives.

What we did

  • Brand Design and visual system
  • Application architecture
  • Application UI design
  • Website design and build
  • Packaging


Create a unique brand visual system, strategy and website where pet owners obtain genome sequencing kits and interact with scientists and a global pet owner community. Deliver a visual language and system that is engaging and will speak to the general public from the scientific community, encouraging dog owners to become loyal Citizen Scientists.


Design here plays a role, straddling the world between the scientists in their lab and in the field and the pet owning public. Design solutions for the scientists in the lab can be just as appealing and easy to use as the public facing experience.

Design Genome Kit package

The kit packaging follows the same appealing design and consistent use of elements and the design system.

Brand & visual system

We designed a colorful and fluid design system that references the genome. We want the design to be appealing, colorful and simple. It must work for pet owners and scientists alike.

Website Design and build

The website is where the pet owner and the scientist interact. This is the true interface between the two groups. Pet owners register their animal and then interact with the scientists through simple and easy to use online tools.

Other printing materials

360 Design has developed a holistic system that works across multiple channels. Each pet in the program receives a detailed printed volume of the genome sequencing results.

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