Dog Aging Project

Unprecedented research platform

Longer, healthier lives for all dogs…
and their humans.

What we did

  • Brand Design and visual system
  • Application architecture
  • Application UI design
  • Website design and build


Create a unique brand visual system, strategy and website where pet owners obtain genome sequencing kits and interact with scientists and a global pet owner community. Deliver a visual language and system that is engaging and will speak to the general public from the scientific community, encouraging dog owners to become loyal Citizen Scientists.


We borrowed the University of Washington colors and blended them with an identity that tells the story of a maturing dog. The system is flexible and will be able to scale as new features are added to the interaction over time.

Brand & visual system

The dog owner is being asked to commit to the program for the lifespan of the dog, so we needed to develop a design that is appealing and takes in to account as of yet unknown needs in the future.

Brand visual system and website

The University of Washington colors have become a key part of the brand identity and visual language, extending across all channels and into the website and collateral materials.

Other printing materials

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