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Language experts at Reader’s Digest created an English language learning application based upon short, meaningful sessions founded on well-researched principles of language-learning theory. Reader’s Digest partnered with 360 Design to develop a brand, brand positioning, brand name, marketing strategy, the website portal to promote the application and supporting brand materials. The portal allows people to sign-up, manage and track their learning experience. The interface was developed in Chinese, Portuguese and English languages.


The language tool is a feature length movie, every few minutes, the movie stops and the language student is engaged with a series of multi choice questions, grammar, pronunciation tasks before they can proceed with viewing the movie. Each lesson is based on a scene from the movie, and leaves the student eager to learn more. Students learn with confidence using the movie and speaking to the characters. The grammar and vocabulary lessons meet A1 and A2 levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, the gold standard in foreign language learning. 360 Design helped bring the product to market in China and Brazil..

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