Super Head Esploder

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Go shoot some heads!

Working closely with Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox for SMOSH, we created the worlds first sideways shooter game that allows players to put avatars of their friends into a game. The 8-bit arcade style game features SMOSH music, voices and characters from YouTube like Billy, Teleporting Fat Guy, Charlie, Boxman and the SMOSH creators, Anthony and Ian. Billy, the hero, falls asleep watching SMOSH videos and becomes a super hero in his 8-bit dreams. Now he must use his propeller hat, weapons skills and agility to esplode evil flying heads and SMOSH enemies to escape from his horrifying nightmare.

Workings and success

Players can take photos or select them from their device, crop them and then play against the avatar in the game. Multiple weapons, different enemy types and multiple levels within the game add to it’s complexity. Players collect coins from the heads that they shoot and can purchase more weapons. Super Head Esploder X became the number 7 selling app in iTunes within 48 hours of launching. The game went viral almost instantly, with fans posting their interpretations of Billy and sharing their own stories and interpretations of the game.

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