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  • AirTerra is a logistics company that is here to break up the supply chain and help give small and mid-sized retailers a level playing field in this new era of ecommerce. 360DESIGN began working with AirTerra from conception and throughout the company’s journey of growth, creating a graphic system that stands apart from other shipping giants.


    The logo mark 360DESIGN developed for AirTerra consists of an abstraction of the Delta symbol, meaning a change of movement which points back not only to the company’s manner of moving packages but also their intent to change the way the logistics industry works. Hidden in the symbol, angled for flight, is the letter “T” to connect air to earth. The handcrafted word mark sets the stage for a company ready to change the future.

    User Interface, however small, plays a part in shaping the visual language of the brand. For AirTerra the use of an orange line as a scroll bar or progress bar helps to guide users through the site. It is embedded in many different ways, as a hint back to the transportive, point-to-point nature of the business.


    To break away from traditional logistics carriers, abstract illustrations we’re created to aid some of the more complex value offerings that AirTerra is introducing into the market. Maintaining the idea of being future forward and offering simplicity, these illustrations distilled the visuals of boxes, trucks, packages and planes into 3D geometric shapes that assemble in various ways to tell a story.


    AirTerra has four primary choices of services, each with striking names that called out to have an icon graphic to match. The four illustrations use the same visual style as the primary illustrations of geometric abstractions of real-life tokens.


    With supporting pages like the FAQ and our innovative quick quote pricing calculator, the traveling line maintains continuity as a thread that creates for a one-of-a-kind user experience.

    As a final touch to the user experience, over a dozen icons were designed in order to keep the visual language established by the main illustrations alive throughout the website. Everything, right down to the loading animation feels in-sync.

    After only 6 months of shipping packages, 360DESIGN was tasked with creating 30 second animated advertisements for LED billboards in Times Square and the Las Vegas Strip. The display in Times Square was created for an iconic 3-story tall display and using the minimal abstract illustrations from the website as a jump-point 360DESIGN created a 3D animation that tells the story of AirTerra’s product offerings in an eye-catching manner.

    Client Name : AirTerra

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