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  • Percona, a leading company in open-source database software, support, and services, entrusted 360DESIGN with a pivotal project. Their extensive website needed a swift migration from an outdated platform, paving the way for a new website and brand identity. The primary objective extended beyond visual refreshment, aiming to enhance user experience and streamline content management.

    The primary challenge was smoothly migrating extensive content to a CMS platform capable of supporting high traffic and functionality, all without any downtime. With more than fifteen products in their portfolio, the old site had grown disjointedly, with each product team going in different directions. 360DESIGN collaborated with Percona’s software teams to unify the entire platform while preserving distinct identities for each product.

    360DESIGN approached the extensive migration through a thorough content audit, meticulously categorizing thousands of pages. This enabled both teams to engage in comprehensive editing and comparative analysis. From this exploration, the inherent innovation within the product suite emerged, with each possessing a distinct character while maintaining connections. Visually, this was represented through the main brand’s apex logo and seven extension marks, employing color and blockchain-inspired design to convey unity and individuality.


    Developers, Percona’s main users, are fast and goal-oriented web users. The previous site suffered from text overload, leading users to disengage. To boost engagement, 360DESIGN introduced 50+ bespoke static icons and over 20+ interactive motion icons. These additions, coupled with dynamic, colorful geometric backgrounds and overlapping layouts, enriched the user experience, commanding attention and fostering exploration.

    A common challenge for software providers is helping users find the right software version for their system. 360DESIGN created a solution to simplify this process, presenting detailed download information on each product page through a clear tabular design to eliminate confusion. However, recognizing that many users are already familiar with the software, the 360 team devised a novel solution consolidated all versions for all products and operating systems in one place for single-click downloads.

    The newly designed and coded site elevates Percona’s SEO, boasts efficient organization, embodies a modern and on-brand appearance, and ensures long-term scalability. The streamlined content management system facilitates quick updates, enabling Percona to remain agile in the ever-changing digital landscape. This project’s success underscores Percona’s commitment to innovation in the database solutions space, solidifying its tech-forward image.

    Client Name : Percona

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