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  • Hyperloop brings airplane speeds to ground level, safely. Passengers and cargo capsules hover through a network of low-pressure tubes between cities and transforming travel time from hours to minutes. The challenge is to design the brand, communications, and tools for the future of mobility.


    Using multiple channels of communication HyperloopTT is creating global excitement and interest in a transportation system that is still in the development and build phase. Crowdsourcing innovation from contributors across disciplines has resulted in rich and dynamic solutions for every application


    Passengers and cargo capsules hover through a network of low-pressure tubes between cities transforming travel time from hours to minutes.


    By delivering the next breakthrough in mobility, Hyperloop TT will make peoples’ lives more frictionless, empowering people to have more time, choice and freedom.

    Want to see how little time it takes to get from Paris to Berlin, from Shanghai to Beijing, from Motueka to Timaru? The route simulator draws a route on a map and calculates variables such as the number of people transported compared to other modes of transportation, time saved, speed, and CO2 emissions (Hyperloop has none).

    An augmented reality simulation means that a capsule can be tracked inside the tube. Peripheral telematic data tracks key metrics of the capsule, tubes, and system.

    Storytelling can be a powerful way to communicate the narrative of a novel technology. Short films appeal to people’s emotions, explain the technology and expand reach and awareness to help grow the pool of innovation resources. Films under 1 minute are designed for social media channels and longer versions can live on the website, presentations, in the office space, and YouTube.

    Client Name : HyperloopTT

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