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  • National Geographic – Barkskins Premiere Movie Theater. Along with Beck Media & Marketing, 360DESIGN constructed a virtual movie theater that evokes the series’ visuals — complete with period-appropriate benches, log cabin-inspired beams and flooring, and flickering lanterns on the walls.


    Before entering the virtual theater the guests are greeted by a landing page that acts as a precursor to the journey they are about to embark upon. A timer builds excitement and a secret code unlocks the theater for those who were invited.


    To give a fully immersive experience, guests who logged in early were able to use an interface below the screen to access bonus activities — whether looking through photos from the set, getting introduced to the cast of characters, viewing a map of the world, or looking at behind-the-scenes vignettes on the show. The premiere was followed by a live virtual chat with the cast and producers of the series.

    Client Name : National Geographic

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