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  • ForesightMX is an Advanced user interface and user experience telematics design, measuring micro-vibrations in critical moving parts of helicopters that allows mechanics to see potential part failures and stresses on the aircraft before they happen. This disruptive technology is helping save lives and bring efficiencies to the aircraft industry.


    GPMS creates next-generation health and monitoring systems for commercial, military helicopters, prop planes, and machinery with moving parts such as wind turbines and pumps. These systems allow aircraft fleet owners and maintainers to spot abnormalities in real-time for safer and more productive operations.


    GPMS needed a fresh and efficient approach to present complex data to engineers and in-field technicians. Speed and presentation of vital information designed to reduce unplanned downtime and costly catastrophic failures are top of mind for GPMS and their clients. We want to create an interface that is easy to read and use, and the most advanced in appearance and display.


    Companies like GPMS that exist as a B2B business are often designed in ways that can be cold and weighed down with text. The design for GPMS uses another approach to give a different type of audience a new and exciting experience on the web and through the platform.

    Client Name : GPMS

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