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  • Working with MIT-Media Lab, it became apparent the need to create a hub for their artificial intelligence systems to communicate with the public and allow science-based information to break through a fragmented media environment.

    Life-saving public health messages aren’t being heard, trusted, and adopted in the US today. The mission is to build a 21st-century public health communications system that has the intelligence to navigate our fragmented media landscape, the humanity to acknowledge diverse experiences, and the power to inspire collective, effective action.

    A design system was created to illustrate the capabilities of MIT Media Lab’s cutting edge technologies that listen to news and social media, scope the areas where messaging is fractured and imbalanced, and suggest ways in which the truth can be secured and distributed through media channels.


    To assist in the users’ understanding of this new and complex technology, data visualizations became an element of communication to show how ideas flow and filter in this new era of social media consumption. How a single source, with the right reach, can spread disinformation to immense clusters.

    Client Name : MIT Media Lab

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