Invincible Premiere

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  • For Amazon’s newest animated adult superhero series, they tapped 360DESIGN to build a visual premiere that would take the experience beyond the screen and allow the viewers to become a part of this epic cinematic experience.


    Amazon desired a virtual premier experience for the debut of their twist on the classic superhero comic series. Invincible is packed with surprises that challenge the idea of what a superhero is and so 360DESIGN created a premiere that could do the same with interactive character maps, galleries, and a whole lot of gore.

    To give the audience a chance to connect with the series on a deeper level while expanding the reach and awareness of the program, an Instagram filter was able to give guests the experience of being Invincible wearing his iconic mask and flying through cities at supersonic speeds.

    Before showtime, users were presented with a series of opt-in messaging that allowed their device to record their reaction to the scene of the first episode. The sharp turn of events and no lack of carnage produced a wide range of audience reactions that they were able to save and share on social.

    As the countdown reaches zero, the creator and executive producer, Robert Kirkman, gives a brief into to the episode to the set the stage for the wild ride that followed. For comic book fans and those not familiar with the media, the Invincible premiere offered something for everyone.

    Client Name : Amazon

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